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The price change will take effact once the next litter is born. Prices will be 15$ for your first rat and 10$ for each additional rat of the same gender.

The reason for the price changes, my mentor said that at 10$ a piece and 15$ a pair were closer to "feeder" prices that people would try to get rats for feeders from me since that is cheaper then most breeders. So she suggested I do 10$ for tops and 15$ for dumbos. I then let you all know that the prices had changed and would take effect with the next litter born.

I had a lady email me and asked "Why are the dumbos valued more than the tops?" and I didn't have good answer besides that not many people are interested in tops as dumbos, but I agree they are all equal and sweet pets. And she told me that she runs Social Rats. I have came across it a few times and was excited that she contacted me. She is a very nice lady, she suggested I do prices the way she does for all adoptions. Which is 15$ for your first adoption and 10$ for each additional rat of the same gender. Which I think is a great idea! Now their is no difference between prices of tops and dumbos as they truely are all the same to me and many others :)

Sorry for any inconvience over the confusion. But I think these prices will stick.

I also want to note I will be opening my Rattery to rescues again. I will be on the look out for fosters that can help when there is not enough room here. If you are interested in being a foster please contact me via facebook, or email at please type Foster(s) in the subject line.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Originally posted on Facebook: Love of Rats on 05-16-2010


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