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Trying to plan an adoption fair. 

I am planning to have free food, canned drinks at 50cents, bottles of water for 1.00$. 

I am also planning on getting Love of Rat's Rattery & Rescue merchandise, such as hand totes, t-shirts, magnets, ect. to sell at the event to help support our efforts with rescues as well as take care of our ratties. 

I am going to be asking the local animal shelter if they would like to partake as well so maybe not only can we get some rats adopted but help get some dogs and cats new homes as well :) 

It's not offical yet but it is deff a thought I'm going to pursue. 

Any ideas and comments are welcome :)

ORIGINAL DATE POSTED: September 28, 2010



05/18/2011 2:56am

Second Period: Work on Study Island at home. You should be at reasons and evidence by now. Work from there to setting by Nov. 15th. If you are not at the starting point, go back and catch up.

05/29/2011 8:42pm

Once you want to do it better, you can set your effort to it , and do not think more about the fail. Be confidence to yourself.

07/12/2012 5:50pm

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