The pups will be going to their homes this and next weekend!  We have some great adopters for this litter, like always :) I am very excited to see the babies go to their new homes but all sad at the same time.  We love having babies in the house! 

    Almost everyone is buying some of our feed which really helps the rats become self sufficient, meaning they pay their own way and not out of my pocket lol.  We are not quite there yet, however we are getting there.  If we continue to work on our rat store site and keep advertising our food that we have now then the rats will be taking care of themselves so to speak.

    With the food, I currently sell 3lb quantities for 8$.  This is a standard base diet, it is not a full diet you will still need to provide fresh fruits and veggies.  This consists of Mazuri Lab Blocks, Doggy Bag Dog Food (for protein), Rolled Oats and Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.  Once the rats have more money to buy their own things we will be able to offer another food choice.  The mix has a lot more yummies in it and it varies every batch to what is in season.  However once this mix is available to the public it will be a bit more pricey due to all of the different things that will be in it.  But I will tell you your rats will NOT be disappointed!

Other news!  This girl right here (Amelia) will be put into breeding with LOR Fish on Friday!!  We are expecting some amazing pups.  Both soon to be parents are super sweet and loving and have wonderful personalities.  We are very excited about this litter and to see what results come of it!  It will be an American Blue MM English Dumbo X Black MM Self Rex cross.  We can't wait to see the outcome!

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