The babies are so big!  I have finally decided who will be staying to continue the program.  This evening everyone on the waiting list will be making their picks of the litter. 

Considering letting the pups go the second or third weekend in March.  They are all so awesome and fun to play with!  Their personalities are just amazing! 

I can not wait for March to roll around so that we can pair Amelia with Fish.  I am very excited for this pairing.  I have a few other ideas for some future pairing.

This is what I'm thinking about and these are not written in stone :)

Eveleen X Fish in September or October 2013
Eveleen X Eli four months after her first litter.

This is just an idea and I'm saving it here so I can come back to it!

I am going to be focusing on a black self line and an american blue self rex line right now.  These are going to be my main focus so that I can work on my goals.

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