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Okay so I talked to the Animal Shelter, they would like to participate with the Adoption Fair. 

So from today till the fair (Around Christmas Parade) all adoption fees will be saved for the fee of using the Brown Gym. 

The cost of the gym is 45$ an hour and I DO NOT want the animal shelter to have anything to do with the costs as they are already doing a wonderful thing for those animals. 

If you would like to donate to the cost of the fee for the Brown Gym it is welcomed. 

Also, the animal shelter is in need of puppy and kitten food. 

If you would like to donate anything to the shelter directly I am sure they would be thrilled. 

I will also take collections for the animal shelter and bring them to them as I don't live far.  

If you would like to be a volunteer for either the Rattery/Rescue or the Animal Shelter please send me a message on Facebook and what you would like to do to participate :)  All help is welcomed. 

We would like to reserve the gym for at LEAST 5 hours which would come out to 225$ just for the Gym.

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Trying to plan an adoption fair. 

I am planning to have free food, canned drinks at 50cents, bottles of water for 1.00$. 

I am also planning on getting Love of Rat's Rattery & Rescue merchandise, such as hand totes, t-shirts, magnets, ect. to sell at the event to help support our efforts with rescues as well as take care of our ratties. 

I am going to be asking the local animal shelter if they would like to partake as well so maybe not only can we get some rats adopted but help get some dogs and cats new homes as well :) 

It's not offical yet but it is deff a thought I'm going to pursue. 

Any ideas and comments are welcome :)

ORIGINAL DATE POSTED: September 28, 2010